Our Facility is located inside the Poseidonia Medical Centre in Aradippou, Larnaca where we have both multiplace and monoplace hyperbaric chambers, HTTC is the only facility in Cyprus to have both types of chambers available to its patients. This allows us more privacy for our patients and increases ability to treat more differing situations.

Our multiplace hyperbaric chamber is a state of the art computer controlled multi-lock hyperbaric chamber manufactured by HAUX in Germany. It is equipped to accommodate up to 11 patients simultaneously and always has a medically qualified attendant who accompanies the patients for the duration of the treatment.

The "multi-lock" configuration allows us to transfer personnel, medical supplies and any other necessities to and from the chamber without interrupting the treatment. The chamber may be pressurized up to 6 ATA/50 metres, allowing us to provide any of the options called for by the US Navy and COMEX treatment protocols.

Many chambers in use worldwide today can only be pressurized to a maximum of 2.8 ATA/18 metres. These Chambers, whilst being more than being adequate for standard HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy), and capable of delivering most of the treatment protocols necessary for diving accidents, they unfortunately are not able to deliver the full range of hyperbaric related treatments that might be required in more serious cases.

If you are visiting Larnaca and would like to have a tour of our facility, you are welcome to contact us. Tours around the facility can be organized any time when treatments are not being conducted, please telephone us first on +357 24252501 to make arrangements.

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